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About Earthshine


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EarthShine events offer the opportunity to sample metaphysical and holistic spirit-healing

in a safe and fun environment with joyful exchanges for all. 

Meet the Organizer

Odette Lincoln Warner



Mooji says, “We wish to save the world, but it is ourselves we must first save. Because only a ‘saved’ human being walks with integrity, gratitude and in harmony upon this sacred earth.” and so, I listen in, gather my courage and take another step inward and forward…

EarthShine Events provide gentle 'juicy' openings through multisensory experience - invitations to touch base with all our senses, with our own sacred inner nature, and shift into our highest and best selves, for the well being of all - in our bodies and spirits, in our community and in-deed, as caretakers of this planet where we have the privilege of being at home.

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Catherine Dextrase


I am passionate about creating opportunities for groups and individuals to connect, flourish, be nourished and come alive!


As a spirit worker I feel it is essential that we continue to build community and support as the world transforms around and within each of us.


There is a saying: If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go in a group.  We exist together in this moment and we are being called to step things up- to shine our inner light and celebrate our connection to the universe and each other! 

By providing a beautiful, sacred and a soft landing space with EarthShine, there is an opportunity for people to connect with each other and healers as they explore holistic and psychic practices. This platform is an opportunity for greater community healing so that what is shifting in our world is positively supported and expanded!


It is my wish that each person connect with their inner sacred selves in whatever way feels best for them, that each person may feel recognized and honoured for who they are as spirit. May your inner luminescence be reflected to you in this offering!


For more information about my healing practice in Courtenay, please contact me @

Volunteers & Production Team

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